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Terms and Conditions of Patient Usage

MyPortfolio is an Internet application that enables patients to have secure web-based access to information from their medical record maintained by the University of Maryland Medical System and its affiliates1 (collectively referred to as UMMS) in electronic format. It is my understanding UMMS is offering this additional service to patients so they have a convenient means of reviewing information from their medical record and communicating with their UMMS health care providers. Nonetheless, I understand that the electronic and accessible nature of medical record information maintained on MyPortfolio does present unique security and privacy issues as addressed below. I further understand that certain necessary measures for protecting the security and privacy of such information are my responsibility as detailed below.

Usage of MyPortfolio
I understand that by utilizing MyPortfolio, I will have access to information in my medical record maintained by UMMS and the ability to communicate with my UMMS health care providers. I understand that the information from my medical record available through MyPortfolio may not constitute my entire medical record. I understand that the scope of medical record information accessible through MyPortfolio is determined at the discretion of my health care providers. I understand that I will continue to have access to my complete medical record by contacting my health care providers directly and that such will be provided to me, pursuant to their policies and procedures.

I understand that I am not required to utilize MyPortfolio and may discontinue usage at anytime. In addition, should UMMS determine I have violated this Agreement or any condition of my utilization of MyPortfolio, as may be determined in the future, UMMS may discontinue my usage of MyPortfolio immediately, without providing prior notice. In addition, I understand MyPortfolio may not be available at all times due to system failures or other issues beyond the control of UMMS. I understand that access to MyPortfolio is on an "as-available" basis.

MyPortfolio enables me to send requests, questions and other communications, regarding my medical record information, electronically to my health care providers. I understand that such communications will be routed to an appropriate individual within my health care provider's department and/or practice. Therefore, providers other than my personal health care provider may review my medical record information as required to address my request. I understand that if my communication contains sensitive information that I only want shared with my personal health care provider, I should contact such provider directly, and not through MyPortfolio.

I understand that the average turnaround time for responding to requests for information submitted through MyPortfolio is one to two business days. Therefore, communications via MyPortfolio for urgent matters may not be appropriate if a quicker response time is needed. In those circumstances, I will contact my personal health care provider directly.

I understand that communications from my health care providers via MyPortfolio will contain important information regarding my health care. Further, it is possible my health care providers may decide not to communicate such by other means if communicated through MyPortfolio. Therefore, I understand it is important for me to regularly monitor my message inbox in MyPortfolio and my personal email for message notifications. I agree I will not hold UMMS liable for loss, injury or claims resulting from my failure to read messages in a timely manner.

Security Considerations
I understand that information from my medical record that is accessible through MyPortfolio is intended for my access only. I will have a unique username and password which will provide me with such access, which are crucial to protecting the security of such medical record information. Therefore, I understand such information should not be shared with anyone. In the event I believe my username or password have been compromised, I may change it at anytime through MyPortfolio.

I understand UMMS will afford the same security protections to medical record information accessible through MyPortfolio as are provided to medical record information maintained in hard copy format. In addition, UMMS will utilize other security measures within the scope of MyPortfolio such as verification of identify through the use of specific activation codes. However, once I access such information through MyPortfolio, I am solely responsible for maintaining the security of such information on my end as well as the information required to access such information (i.e., username, password, activation code). Specifically, I understand I am responsible for the results or consequences of my communications regarding, or the sharing of, information accessed via MyPortfolio.

Privacy Considerations
I understand that I will receive messages in my personal email account regarding things such as updates to my medical record information available on MyPortfolio. Therefore, I understand that any person with access to my email may access such messages. These emails sent to my personal email account will not contain medical record information, but nonetheless may contain information I may not want others to know (e.g., the existence of recent information in my medical record). I agree to take this into consideration when sharing any information required to access my personal email account.

I understand that UMMS will afford the same privacy protections to medical record information accessible through MyPortfolio as are provided to my medical record information maintained in hard copy format. However, once I access such information through MyPortfolio, I understand I am solely responsible for maintaining the privacy of such information on my end.

Disclaimer of Liability
I understand that UMMS takes no responsibility for and disclaims liability from any inaccuracies or defects in software, communication lines, virtual private network, the internet, or my internet service provider, access system, computer hardware or software or any other service or device that I use to access MyPortfolio. I may continue to use alternative methods of communication for contacting my health care provider at anytime, regardless of whether MyPortfolio is available.

I understand that UMMS takes no responsibility for, and disclaims liability from, any results or consequences from my intentional or unintentional sharing of, provision of access to or disclosure of my username, password, activation code or medical record information available through MyPortfolio.

I am able to connect and access health information provided by other healthcare facilities within my UMMS account. UMMS is not responsible for the content or functions made available by these external healthcare organizations. For questions, please refer to the external organization’s terms and conditions or contact their support team. Some of the material available through MyPortfolio is provided by third parties and UMMS shall not be held responsible for any such third-party material. UMMS disclaims any responsibility for or liability related to such third-party material and Individual uses of such third-party material. Any questions complaints or claims related to any product should be directed to the appropriate third party.

Amendments and Governance
This Agreement may be modified at anytime and such modifications become effective immediately upon the posting of the revised Agreement. This Agreement will be governed by Maryland Law.


1University of Maryland Medical Center, UMMC Midtown Campus, UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center, UM Charles Regional Medical Center, UM Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute, UM St. Joseph Medical Center, UM Shore Regional Health and University of Maryland Faculty Physicians, Inc. Maryland Primary Care Physicians offers MyPortfolio to their patients in partnership with UMMS.