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Patient Estimates


Hospital fees may include the cost of your room, medication, supplies, laboratory, and radiology services. It is not a complete estimate of your total cost. It does not include physician or provider fees associated with the services provided. Your actual charges may be different from the estimated charges. This depends on the services you receive, and the coverage provided by your insurance plan(s). If you have insurance, your benefits will determine the amount you owe, including deductibles, co-pay, co-insurance, and out-of-pocket maximum payments. The University of Maryland Medical System ("UMMS") is committed to helping patients receive the care they need. If you feel you need financial assistance, information is available at By clicking "Accept and Continue" below, I understand and acknowledge that the amount presented here is an estimate as described above, and that the actual charges may be different. I also understand and acknowledge that I will be responsible for the difference between the estimated and actual charges, and that UMMS will not be responsible for the difference between such estimated and actual charges.

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